Special Segment: IEEE YESIST12 ASIA 2019 PILOT EVENT: YESIST12 ASIA: AGE OF INNOVATION 2019 is a Coding and Making Challenge jointly organized by Madras IEEE Education Society Chapter, hosted in partnership with IEEE sections, Universities and leading technology industry companies. A Maker Fair is a celebration of innovators, makers, doers coming together to showcase their products to the local community. All types of makers like Tech enthusiasts, Crafters, Tinkerers, Hobbyists. Teams with passion of doing innovative things and showcasing their projects/products to the international community are invited register for this event.
The challenge is conducted to recognize the best social innovation application on the theme given: ‘PREPARING FOR FUTURE: SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATIVE TECHNOLOGIES’
Dreaming leads to creativity and creativity innovates the future. The theme ‘Preparing for the future: Sustainable Transformative Technologies’ aims to create a platform for the engineering students and professionals to think about futuristic technologies like autonomous vehicles, robotic companions, self-repairing systems, disaster prediction and risk management and so on.
Previous YESIST12 (SS12) Project Competitions and Maker Fairs were themed with the goal of preparing the students for the technical challenges while a social issue is to be solved. The new version 2019 aims to take the skill development to the next level by preparing the students to dream for the future through new technologies and new applications for creating a better society to live in. The projects can have applications in any of the following domains of UN Sustainable Development Goals or new domains thereof:
1. Uplifting societal standards
2. Disaster Prediction and Risk Management
3. Special Needs and Healthcare
4. Women and Children Safety
5. Natural Resource Management and Protection
6. Geographical and Space Science
This year we feel privileged that we are arranging the pilot event of YESIST12 ASIA of Northern Region of Bangladesh. Project winners of this event will get the opportunity to participate in YESIST12 ASIA at Stamford International University in Thailand.


Registration Fee:

Only participents of project Showcasing/ master builder can participate here

For adding each member Registration fee will increase 1,000 + 20 = 1,020 BDT.

Prize Money:

Champion 1st1st Runner Up 2nd2nd Runner Up 2nd3rd Runner Up
Dhaka to Thailand to Dhaka Air Ticket (For 1 person) Free Registration to participate the event. Free Registration to participate the event. Free Registration to participate the event.
16,000/= 2,200 /= 2,200 /= 2,200 /=

#1 Only teams from Northern region of Bangladesh can register for IEEE YESIST12 Maker Fair Track
#2 For participation at Technocracy only, Register your team for Master Builder
#3 For participation at IEEE YESIST12 Maker Fair Track, Register your team for both Master Builder and Maker Fair
#4 Without Registering to Maker Fair, you cannot qualify for IEEE YESIST12 Maker Fair Track

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