Gaming Contest (FIFA 2019): “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”. This universal saying goes with every aspect of our life. Games and Sports are an important part of a person’s life.
Playing games makes people aware of their environment i.e. makes them mentally awake and increases their concentration power. It also increases their thinking ability and teaches them the power of teamwork and to find a way out of difficult situations. Cooperation among each other and importance of following certain rules can be taught through this type of gaming contests.

That is why a Gaming Contest (FIFA 2019)is being arrangedalong with the technical events in Technocracy 2019.Through this contest, students will be able to increase their visionary level and their analysis ability.


Registration Fee:

Fee Bkash Total
300 /= 5 /= 305 /=

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Champion Runner Up
5,000 /= 3,000 /=

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