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Ruet Academic Media

An online automated system to asset academic tasks of RUET for both teachers & students. it is currently desinged well for each department of each series!

It is developed to take attendance, post notice & exam results, calculate & generate marks as well as real time notice posting. Many more upgradation is coming up to make the communication of officials more faster & easier.


All ready to help you up!
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Have a look to the system and get known how easy things are now


Teachers can take attendance of his selected courses.

Exam result

Teachers can post results of his selected courses.


Teachers can easily post notice for students.

Campus news

Every visitor can read regular campus news to get updated.

Cloud Storage

Teacher can upload & delete any file for student.

RAM Notepad

Students can add important note & can delete those here.


Teachers can add their custom course with course name, section name, starting & ending roll of students belong to that course. Thei can also take attendance of that course & the attendance mark will be automatically generate & students can have a live look into it.

As teachers can add their custome course to their profile, they will be able to publish class test results for that course students. The students belong to that course will be able to view their marks both in numaric & graph presentation

Exam result


Teachers can also sent any notice related to their any custom course's students. They can also attach files with that notice. Teacher can also delete their notice. Studnets will get those notice in real time.

In RAM, there is a dedicataded news section. The admin can post or delete local news related to RUET Campus events. Any one can read our news from RAM located in the bottom section of this system.

Campus news

Cloud Storage

Teachers can attach files with their notices. Studnets can receive/view.download files from that notice. Soon RAM is planning to manage a personal cloud drive system for each students.

There is a seperated pesonal notepad system for each students. Students can add or delete their own notepad at any time. The system is secured enough to keep those notes privet for each students.

RAM Notepad


Ruet Academic Media is a media between teachers & students of RUET of all department, It is acting as a media to keep trac of students attendance, class test marks, notice management.

( currently on test )
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